Ok guys…am I late to the party on this one? A diy face mask tutorial? In the face of minimizing the spread of COVID-19 you’d have to be living under a rock to not know about the need for face masks, am I right? Now as I write this there are several different styles and patterns from which to work from. If you’re handy with a sewing machine and you’d like to find a way to craft your own masks to wear in the public sector, read on!

I do want to be clear upfront; I was actually given this mask to wear in public. My mom made it and since I don’t sew (well, other than a few little attempts here and there, …) So I don’t want to take credit for something I didn’t actually make, but upoin examining the design for this mask, I was able to figure out how it was done!

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So the two essential things you’ll need are some fabric and a means of stitching it – whether it be a machine, or you could hand-sew it too since it’s not a cumbersome design.

Here is my mask , what it looks like when untied and spread out to examine closely.  I have provided the measurements right on the image. I really think I could replicate it if I wanted – and you could, too! The design is less ambitious that 😄 .  In the center are the two center pleats which I understand help it conform to the shape of your face.

I would cut your length of fabric one half an inch longer and wider than the measurements given so the hemline around the perimeter can be hemmed down. in the front. The top and bottom hems should be open on the sides so you can thread through it a ribbon or cord for tying back.

The center pleats which are half an inch wide, both of them, means  you may want to add an inch to the overall fabric length.

Here is a picture of me “modeling” the mask. The tie parts are elastic, so when tied in a bow, I attached the bottom part under my chin  and the strap kinda goes below your ears. Then I pull the top part over.

I’m not a real Minolta monkey so apologies for how amateurish this picture looks. If you look closely you can see my reflection (holding my phone, trying to get a good angle…😣) in the mirror from the back and see how the ties look.

Here’s how it looks from the side and the front, hope these pictures help too …

Well that’s pretty much it, I hope all of you are staying safe and doing well in spite of what’s going on in this crazy chaotic state of affairs! Drop me a line if you think this pattern and tutorial is helpful or if I need to clarify anything. Good luck and may you find peace in these uncertain times.

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