DIY Face Mask With Lips Or Mustache | Diy Detectives

DIY Face Mask With Lips Or Mustache | Diy Detectives

With DIY face mask projects trending as everyone across the country tries to do their part to slow the COVID-19 virus, I figured I would follow suit. Of course, I put my own little spin on it in the hopes it might bring smiles to anyone I encounter when the need arises to venture out. After being inspired by an IG post from one of my favorite authors and influencers, a creation we born. Check out the how-to on adding a mustache or lips to your DIY face mask by using your Cricut.

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Inspo for Your DIY Face Mask

While scrolling through my Instagram feed I stopped at a particular post from the always inspiring Rachel Hollis. If you don’t already know of her, she is an author of several books including, Girl Wash Your Face and Girl Stop Apologizing (both highly recommended), speaker, and girl power advocate.

In the post she had stepped out wearing a regular medical style face mask to protect herself from possible contact of coronavirus. On the plain mask she had drawn and colored in a set of lips.

As usual her words were an uplifting message of positivity and kindness. You can see her post here and go ahead and follow her for more light humor and real life encouragement.

I had planned on making a few DIY masks anyway, since I finally had some time to breathe with my now homeschooling kids on spring break (thank you baby Jesus).

After seeing Rachel’s personal protection equipment I decided to not only add lips to my own DIY face mask, but a mustache to the one I would make for my hubby. I could easily do it with my Cricut. Now we will make quite the pair if we go out grocery shopping together.

Making a DIY Face Mask

There are a multitude of DIY face mask tutorials out there now so you can use which ever one you prefer to make your mask.

I used this one from YouTube and just altered it a bit to best fit myself and my husband.

Extra Tips for Making Your Mask

Adding Lips or a Mustache to Your DIY Face Mask with Cricut

Step #1: Download the PNG images.

Click the image above to have both PNGs sent straight to your inbox and ready to upload into your Cricut Design Space.

Step #2: Upload the images into your design space.

After you have the images on your device click the upload button in design space and walk through the steps to add them into your collection of cuts.

Step #3: Size and cut.

Once you have your images in your design space adjust the size of each.

When they are sized correctly click make. Here you can move them to different color mats if you wish based on the color you are making them. To do this just click on the particular cut you want to move and then click on the three dots in the left corner of the image.

It is not necessary to set the mirror image to on because these are both symmetrical cuts but you can if you wish.

When you are ready make your cuts. Be sure to set your machine dial to the proper material (i.e. if you are using regular iron-on or glitter iron-on).

I used red glitter iron-on vinyl for the lips and regular white iron-on vinyl for the mustache.

Step #4: Iron on your lips and mustache.

Place your lips or mustache in the spot you marked, cover with a layer of parchment paper, and iron on as you normally would.

I always like to peel back the plastic part after ironing and replace the parchment to give in another quick set with the iron.

Note: If you would like to iron the folds of your DIY face mask further you can do it prior to applying your vinyl or carefully using parchment as a barrier after.

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