Do It Yourself Face Mask with Filter Pocket

My children and I have been making face masks for regional health care workers. They are in desperate requirement. I make certain our area is not the only one that needs more masks. This is a time where we can use our skills and resources to assist our community. Our regional grocery stores are needing everyone that comes inside to wear a face mask. These help you keep your own germs to yourself along with keep undesirable bacteria away from your nose & & mouth. If you are touching things in a store, do not adjust and touch your mask until you have washed your hands.

Yes, these face masks are efficient. They have four layers of protection in addition to a filter pocket for additional layers. This specific pattern is the most asked for in our location due to the fact that of the design. They do need to be cleaned after every use. You need to clean your hands after removing it for the day. If you are making these to donate, do not try them on prior to contributing. Constantly include a note reminding the recipient to clean prior to use. Our nation has a scarcity of medical face masks! These assist extend the life of medical masks by using them over. We have actually been informed that some nurses and healthcare facility personnel are just given one mask weekly to re-use! Please assist if you can!

Below are the steps and images for this pattern. I actually did expanded the actions and attempted to be actually detailed. Although there are 10 actions noted, it’s not that hard of a project. I simply wanted to show everything I did while making this mask!

Products Needed:

Action 1: Cut material 9 ″ by 8 ″

Step 2: Layer two pieces of fabric wrongs sides together. Fold the top down about 1/4 ″ and press.

Step 3: Insert pipeline cleaner under fold of front mask material. This will be the set with one cotton cut and one flannel cut. Pin & & hem the top of both sets.

Step 4: Clip flexible at corners on the right side of the front of the mask.

Step 5: Place second set over very first making certain best sides are dealing with each other.

Step 6: Pin around sides. Make certain to place a pin in each corner of elastic so you can remove the clips. At the top I place only 2 pins and utilize them as a guide. Do not stitch in-between these pins. It is the filter pocket opening. DO backstitch over each pin to secure the opening.

Action 7: Once you have actually stitched around the edges, turn best side out and press.

Step 8: About an inch from the leading pinch the fabric with your fingers and fold down. Press & & clip

. Step 9: Repeat the pinch & & press two or three times. Pin the within the pleats and remove the clips.

Action 10: Stitch along the sides making sure to backstitch at the start and surface.

Get rid of the pins and your mask is complete!

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