DIY Face Mask with Center Seam – Handmade Gift Idea – My Pinterventures

DIY Face Mask with Center Seam – Handmade Gift Idea – My Pinterventures

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Who thought that wearing masks on a daily would become a normal thing?! With Christmas coming up, here’s a DIY Face Mask with Center Seam that would make a practical handmade gift idea.

Wearing masks when you’re sick in Asian countries is kind of a norm, but who knew that it would become a mandatory daily thing in the U.S.A?! Hopefully, we won’t have to wear masks on the daily forever, but flu season is here and I don’t see an end to mask wearing anytime soon. So, making DIY Face Mask with Center Seam would make a great handmade gift idea.

Keep in mind, these are made with quilting cotton and cannot compare to an N95 mask, which should be reserved for healthcare workers. That being said, in a recent study by Duke University, the N95 mask with no valve is the best choice, the disposable surgical mask second, and a double/triple layered cotton mask came in third (this is where we’re at), with neck gaiters and bandanas at the bottom.

If you want more protection, I did try this DIY face mask over a disposable center seam surgical mask and was still able to breath without trouble. I also tried adding a metal nose strip, but it created too much of a seal and the mask was pulled to my face when breathing.

Before we get to the DIY Face Mask with Center Seam, it’s day 3 of the Festive Christmas Ideas Event! I’ve teamed up with a group of talented blogging friends to bring you a plethora of creative ways to celebrate your holiday season. You’ll find new ideas every Monday and Wednesday between Oct. 19th through Nov. 18th. Scroll down to find all the handmade ideas linked at the bottom for even more gift ideas!

DIY Fabric Face Mask with Center Seam – Handmade Gift Idea

The pattern for this was taken from an existing store bought surgical seam mask. I prefer this type of mask because it doesn’t tickle my nose like the pleated ones.

DIY Face Mask with Center Seam

Active Time: 35 minutes

How to make adult face masks with a center seam. Practical handmade gift idea.




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