DIY Face Mask Tutorials for the Whole Family

DIY Face Mask Tutorials for the Whole Family

There are numerous sewing and non-sewing methods to make a DIY face mask. These methods, that include making a face mask using a shirt, are suitable for making face masks for both kids and adults.

Do It Yourself Face Mask Tutorials:

Method 1: Sewing a Face Mask by Hand

One method to make a Do It Yourself face mask is by utilizing the products you already have in your home. For this job you will need the following:

  • A firmly woven cotton fabric
  • Eight-inch material ties or rubber band


  • Thread and sewing maker
  • Ruler
  • Sewing pins or clips
  • Scissors


1. Cut the fabric utilizing the following measurements:

Grownup size mask: Cut a rectangle 8.5 inches large and 16 inches long. Cut four fabric ties, each 18 inches long, or more pieces of elastic, each seven inches long.

Child size mask: Cut a rectangle 6.5 inches broad and 16 inches long and material ties, each 18 inches long, or 2 seven-inch elastic pieces.

DIY Face Mask Tutorials for the Whole Family 2

2. Stitch the sides With the ideal sides facing, fold the material in half. Sew along the 8.5-inch edge and leave a five-eights-inch seam allowance. Leave an opening in the center of this seam. This allowance permits you to turn the mask completely after stitching.

3. Pin fabric ties or flexible

Pin one fabric tie into each corner, placing some of it in between the two layers of material. When it comes to elastic, pin one piece to each side of the mask and sew one end at the top corner and the other to the bottom.

4. Seal the sides

Seal the remaining sides of the facemask. You can backstitch over the fabric ties or elastics to protect them.

5. Stitch the pleats

Make uniformly spaced pleats and hold them in location utilizing pins. Sew all the pleats down in the exact same direction to protect them.

Approach 2: Bandana-Style Face Mask

For this job, you will need the following:

  • A headscarf or bandana
  • Two hair ties or rubber bands
  • A kitchen roll, a filter paper

Make sure that the bandanna or headscarf you pick for this DIY face mask has thick enough material, preferably cotton.


Fold the scarf or bandana in half and fold it twice by the length from both the bottom and the top. After this step, you can add a cooking area roll or filter paper. Guarantee that you change it regularly.

Location the hair ties or elastic band around the strip of materials and fold towards the middle. Fold the closures into one another if possible, and your mask is all set to use.

Approach 3: T-Shirt Face Mask


  • T-shirt
  • Paper towel or coffee filter
  • Scissors

Guarantee that the t-shirt you pick isn’t too old and broken or with holes in it. Select a nontransparent material, potentially cotton.


Cut off the bottom of your T-shirt at a height that is the same length from your nose to a little below the bottom of your chin. It can be around seven to 8 inches. After this action, make incisions into the Tee shirts around six to 7 inches to create the straps/ties for the facemask. Make a lengthened C shape in the fabric to accomplish this. Next, cut the straps so that they are suitable for tying around the head. Make modifications until you have a snug fit around the nose and chin area. You can add your preferred filter paper and hold it in location with a pin.

DIY Face Mask Tutorials for the Whole Family 1 Technique 4: Sewing a DIY Face Mask With a Machine Products 10 or 11 inches cotton material Elastic, rubber bands, strips of cloth or hair ties

  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Pins
  • Thin wire or precious jewelry wire (optional)
  • Treatment

    Cut the materials to a suitable length and height depending upon the dimensions of the wearer. You can use two various products to determine the front and back of the mask. Layer the material pieces on each other. The material facing up should be the within the mask. Next, crease over the longer sides of the fabric to make the hem. Sew over the edges so that the fabric remains in place. Ensure that the stitches are secured and neat as you sew.

    Stitch the hair ties or elastic through the hem after successfully producing it. You can utilize a thin wire or jewelry wire to assist shape the mask around your nose.

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