Hey friends who wants to make a DIY Face Mask with me? With all that’s been going on in the world right now, I’ve been sharing more home, food, gadgets, and life topics. I think I’m slowly going to be sharing more posts that I think would be helpful for everyone right now. It’s been awhile since I wanted to make that shift anyway. Even before the whole quarantine situation, I’ve seen myself posting less fashion and more general lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong though, fashion will always be a part of me and for sure will be sharing trends or faves every now and then. But I want to focus and share more of the essential things in life – our day to day. And so now, I’m going to share this easy DIY face mask tutorial if you haven’t made one yourself. I know there are a lot of tutorials out there. But if you haven’t saved or tried one yet, then I hope this video I made helps you!

DIY Face Mask Tutorial

Materials You’ll Need

  • Scraps of fabric or old bandana, scarves or even old cotton clothes or bedding
  • 2 elastic hair ties or try the DIY tie in the bonus section
  • Thread and needle or sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Clips to hold pattern and fabric down and keep them lined up, best if you have pins
  • Face Mask Pattern

Download the DIY Face Mask Pattern via Styleanthropy here.

For full instructions, I created an IGTV and will embed the video below. It’s easier to show you how it’s done than to write the instructions. This DIY Face Mask Tutorial video makes it easier to explain how to do it. It also includes the bonus DIY tie in case you run out of hair ties or elastics. But if you have ribbons, extra shoe laces, or even ties from dresses you no longer use, that would be good too.

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That’s how easy it is! I use this mask only when I have to go to the grocery or if I know I’ll be facing other people aside from my husband. I don’t really wear it in the house.

Now I’m just over here hoping that the COVID-19 virus goes away. I’m sure one day, we’ll be putting this all behind us. And when that happens, you can still use these face masks for when you’re cleaning or doing home projects like painting, cleaning the attic or garage. My husband, upon trying the mask I made him, even said he would want to use it in the winter when snowboarding or maybe out walking the dogs or doing something outside. And friends who love the desert music festivals, this one’s for you too. So make sure to choose a cute fabric you’ll want to use for that purpose in the (hopefully) near future!

It would mean so much if you can pin any of the images above to save for later! Bloggers and influencers now, especially in the fashion, beauty and travel niche are affected dearly and need all the support. Thank you! Stay safe and healthy guys!

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