With all that is swirling around throughout this historic time in our world, so numerous of my fellow blog writers have put out information on Do It Yourself face masks. Today, in case you have not seen or heard anything about it, I thought I would share some Do It Yourself face mask suggestions and tricks plus a reward or two!diy face mask tips green face mask on table

DIY FACE MASK IDEAS PLUS A BENEFIT Have you got your face mask helpful?

Are you still in need of a comfortable face mask since your county has mandated them, or will quickly? Want something to do today that’s fast and simple to put together for you and your family? Why

Should I Make a Do It Yourself Face Mask? IF you are needing a face mask, the first factor is pretty apparent … There is

  • a short supply of face masks, to put it gently. A Do It Yourself face mask just may be the response for you! There are a couple of other factors why you may want to make a DIY face mask: (If) Your state/county has actually mandated that you use a face mask (my conviction is that we obey the governmental laws till they ask us to
  • do something this conflicts with the ultimate Law)If you think your government (state/local or otherwise) might require you to use a face mask … you do not wish to get caught with your face mask down! Best to be prepared.
  • You want to love others by wearing a face mask. Some of my family members and I have actually discussed this and we concur. While it may not be mandated (yet) to wear a face mask in our location, there are lots of other individuals in public that just feel more comfortable and safe with everyone wearing a face mask. Why not give up our ‘rights’ and like others by making them feel more safe and protected when we are around them? So, we use face masks in public, although it is not yet needed in our county.

This past week, perusing the web for simple sewing tutorials, I followed suit and made some DIY face masks for a few of my friends, household, and myself.

So today, I’m going to share my favorite tutorials, that variety from no-sew to a-little-tricky for the starting seamstress.

What’s more, I’m going to share a number of benefit educational posts that several blogging buddies assembled that you might truly find useful.

The Easiest No-Sew Face Mask Tutorial

My dear friend Rita from Harbour Breeze Home put together a post on. This simple, no-sew, Do It Yourself mask can be put together in simply a couple of minutes … actually. And the Norwex brand is understood for its bacterial battling agencies in their products, without any chemicals. You will absolutely wish to check this out!diy face mask tips woman with purple face mask

BTW, Rita is from Canada and can’t sell Norwex to the U.S. If you require a contact to acquire Norwex, let me know in the remarks or send me an email … I can provide you a trustworthy specialist’s name. (No, it’s not me!)

Easy DIY Face Mask for Beginners

This tutorial pertains to you from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler. This tutorial is among the very first ones you come across on YouTube (which is how I found it), but Erica has it on her website, too! This and reveals you how to attach elastic ear bands.face mask with sewing items on wood surface

BTW, I understand this one is easy … keep reading. Easy Do It Yourself Face Mask with Filter Hole Once you read through and follow the detailed instructions, this face mask in fact only takes a bit more time than the mask without the filter hole. My pal Kristi from French Creek Farmhouse listened to her sister (who is a nurse) and developed that you can utilize or not!

Again, I understand this face mask is easy to make … I’ll share why in simply a bit!

Finest Fit Face Mask

Brittany from Pretty Handy Woman is sharing her, and I must agree. This Do It Yourself face mask looks roomy yet still fits without any gaps! And, of course, it would fit terrific … Brittany has GREAT DEALS OF experience with masks remaining in the carpentry and demolition biz! multi colored face mask on wood surface

Which Mask Should I Make? The option of which mask to make will be entirely as much as you. Nevertheless, I can inform you that I made both Erica’s mask and Kristi’s mask and both tutorials were simple to follow and the masks were pretty simple to make. I wound up making more of the elastic ear-band mask since it fasted and I liked the flexible part of the tutorial (I require quick since I’m still working from another location at my full-time task.)
diy face mask tips two face masks on ironing board

Please excuse the iPhone photo … last-minute choice to reveal you my ended up item!If I had more time on my

hands, I would definitely absolutely the’best fit’mask from Brittany! DIY Face Mask Benefit My friend Ahna from Hammers and Hugs is not just a blogger, but she is likewise a nurse specialist! Her post on is SUPER useful and helpful! It’s well worth the read!nurse with phone and face mask

Pandemic Family Resource Guide Perk My sweet good friend Michelle from The Painted Hinge participated with a group of blog writers that are to help us make it through this ‘temporary new normal’ we discover ourselves in right now! diy face mask tips photos of resources for families

With posts ranging from recipes to self-care guidelines, the collection boasts over 100 tips to assist during this abstruse time in our lives. I bet we all can discover something brand-new as we browse this digital resource!

Now It’s Your Turn

What do you believe? Are you prepared to dive into the DIY-face-mask-making world? Have you already made your own masks? What pattern did you use?

Most importantly, how are you holding up during this #stayhome time period?signature for blog

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