Learn how to make a DIY mask in 2 different styles. This comprehensive article includes lots of photos, videos and suggestions for variations. Make the face mask with or without a filter pocket.

A fabric DIY mask will not stop a virus. Only viral surgical masks can possibly protect you from COVID-19. Some governments are currently recommending fabric and DIY mask patterns as an alternative that they consider to be better than no mask while other governments say you are better with no mask of any kind.

Don’t want to make your own but buy a readymade mask?  So why should you buy a handmade mask? Because obviously you can’t sew one or you would be making your own, so put a few dollars into someone else’s pocket and keep a handmade business alive.

Looking for a new sew version of the mask? Check this article out No Sew Bandana Mask and different styles of no sew masks using other fabric materials.

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