✂ DIY Face Mask Resources: Stitch, No-Sew, Hacks & more

✂ DIY Face Mask Resources: Stitch, No-Sew, Hacks & more

Everybody is making face masks, so I wished to roundup the face mask resources that I’m sharing with you. This is a very personal list for me, and I’m selective about what is on it. The face mask with filter pocket pattern is the one I’m using myself make face masks (I have actually made 4 face masks so far using this pattern). I hope you will find my list beneficial and share it with your good friends!

Do It Yourself Face Mask Resources

No-Sew Face Mask with Fabric Ear Loops

Make using a tee shirt (cut with Cricut or scissors)

No-Sew Face Mask with Hair Ties

Make a face mask using a bandanna and elastic hair ties

Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Face mask I am stitching with a filter pocket and utilizing bias tape I made as the ties (or you can use ribbon). I like this pattern the best since of the safe and secure fit, the filter pocket is the exact same size as the mask and the pattern was established by seeking advice from with a health center staff member.

Make Predisposition Tape to utilize as Face Mask Ties

How to make bias tape from fabric. This is the best option to secure your face mask after I explored using elastic, hair ties and ribbon. Material is the easiest material to obtain (if you do not have it, begin cutting up table linens or bedding like bed linen), it gives your face mask a more safe fit (it’s adjustable) and it deals with the concern of any pain due to flexible reviewing your ears.

Filter Products for Face Masks

Filter material I’m utilizing plus a long list of various types of filters you can use. Add a filter to your mask whether it’s sewn or no-sew to supply additional protection.

Face Mask with Elastic Hair Ties

How to quickly sew a face mask with elastic hair ties.

Face Mask using Brother ScanNCut

How to make a face mask using a Sibling ScanNCut.

Donate Face Masks, Get Gift Card

Contribute 25 face masks and Tieks will provide you a $50 present card for shoes.

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