DIY Face Mask Organizer|Hometalk

DIY Face Mask Organizer|Hometalk

In addition to a pile of scrap wood, I also have a drawer complete of knobs & & manages — yes I’m that girl. A few of them came off of pieces of furnishings where I had replaced the initial manages and some of them I choose up when I see a deal someplace– even if you never ever understand when you might require new drawer knobs– right?

Anyhow I had these 4 Mexican manages that I chose up somewhere.

When I revealed my sibling the picture of my face mask organizer she said, ‘where did you get the deals with?’

I said ‘I don’t know I simply had them’, she said ‘I believed you would state that’.

So my track record precedes me here a bit!

I also know that is a frustrating response so I did have an appearance on my go to shopping destination for stuff like this– Etsy– and discovered some comparable knobs that would let you get the same appearance without having to go drawer knob bargain hunting for days!

The drill hole is simply where the bolt goes– your actual knob will likely be wider so you require to account for that when you are picking your spacing– which is why starting with the attempted and checked eyeballing method is always my go to!

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