Let me begin by saying just how much I hate that there’s even a requirement for this task! I never ever dreamed I ‘d be making a “Do It Yourself Face Mask Neck Chain” tutorial. I know we’re all so tired of handling this infection and I hope that you all and your families are remaining healthy!
I can’t tell you how numerous times I’ve had my mask in my lap in the vehicle, forgotten about it, and dropped it on the ground when I went out at my location. Or reached the door of a shop only to recognize that I left my mask in the vehicle. Or, left it looped on one ear while driving from place to place and having the wind blow it off prior to I reattach it to both ears! This is a helpful device to have, specifically when running errands where you may be in and out of shops continuously putting your mask on and taking it off. I simulate the concept though, even after this risk has actually passed, for some who may still require to wear masks routinely for their job or personal health concerns. Lots of thanks to my good friend Carmel, I saw her mention making a mask chain on her Instagram stories and it began my wheels spinning to determine how to make one of my own!
How to make a face mask neck chain

(* This post contains affiliate links, consisting of Amazon. As an Amazon Partner, I make from certifying purchases. Read my complete disclosure policy here. )When purchasing my materials, I began planning to use and gathering lobster claw clasps to place on the end of the chain (that resembles a standard clasp on a necklace) to attach it to the mask straps. As I believed about it however, I decided mini alligator clips would be simpler (and get rid of the need for an additional piece-a jump ring) to use so I set off on a look for those. Craft stores didn’t have what I wanted with the jewelry-making supplies, so I searched the internet and finally found the clamps I wanted … and come to discover they’re the same clips that are used on curtain ring clips! So, if you have some extra curtain ring clips that you can take the clip off of, excellent! If not, I purchased this inexpensive pack of 100. I understand, 100 is a lot, however it was a better price than some of the smaller amount packs and I intended on making several of these for buddies, so now I’ll have plenty.
I made a 6 second video of the procedure to share on Instagram, which video took me much longer to put together than really making the pendant! This is such and easy project with simply a few supplies. Here’s what you’ll need-
supplies needed to make a face mask neck chain
* A long locket. Any that you have ought to work! I bought a bunch of these beaded lockets at Hobby Lobby when the Spring Shop items struck 90%off a while back, however most stores or even thrift shops will have economical alternatives if you don’t wish to use
one you already have. * Mini Alligator Clips * Scissors, a Ruler, and Pliers
* Hot Glue Weapon (if desired)
* Face Masks (I just bought a pack of these and they’re my favorite ones I have actually tried up until now! They are light weight, aren’t hot, have adjustable ear straps, and do not walk around when I talk.)
It just takes a couple of simple steps to make this locket! Initially, start by sufficing apart. I didn’t need the tassel/charms on mine so that’s where I cut the string.
How to make a face mask neck chain with a beaded necklace

Then, remove enough of the beads to leave you with

about 3″of string on each end. Do not skimp and attempt to leave less than 3″, I attempted one with just about 2″ and it was method too difficult to tie safely in a following action. After I made a couple of these, I chose that it would most likely be finest if the beads were protected in case one of the alligator clips occurs to come off eventually … I do not want beads flying everywhere! Ideally, I would tie a knot big enough to hold the last bead on each side in location, however I could not get my fingers to connect a knot close enough to the beads. So, I just used a small dot of hot glue at each end to fill the bead hole and protect it to the string. Do not do a huge glob that will be visible, just a little dab is adequate and now they’re not going anywhere!
Now, get two of your tiny alligator clips and squeeze the hooks to make a closed loop. You might even desire one end to overlap the other like shown here, it creates the most safe and secure method to attach the pendant. Thread each end through a clip and knot it firmly, as close to the beads as possible. Make a triple knot at least, you do not desire the knot moving out! Cut the excess ends to make a tidy knot.
Attach your clips to the ear straps on your mask and you’re done! Super easy off and on mask using, and you’ll never drop your mask in the car park again!;-RRB- I also made a neck chain with an old necklace that had metal links. I cut some of the excess extender links off of the

end with my pliers. I utilized the lobster claw that was already on one end of the pendant and clipped it to the alligator clip loop. On the other side, the metal link was so small I linked the clip hook through the circle first, then squeezed the hook closed with the pliers. Let me understand if you make one, I pray we don’t need these for much longer!! I ‘d enjoy for you to join my e-mail list! You’ll receive a notice directly to your inbox any time there’s a brand-new post on Dimples and Tangles. Simply enter your address listed below. E-MAIL Instagram|| Facebook|| Pinterest|| Twitter

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