DIY Face Mask Holder – VickyMyersCreations

DIY Face Mask Holder – VickyMyersCreations

This gorgeous face mask pouch has three pockets, one for clean face masks, one for dirty plus a slip pocket for your hand sanitizer too!

The face mask holder is perfect if you have to wear face masks all day. Personally I choose to change my mask once it becomes damp with moisture, replacing with a clean fabric mask. This handy face mask pouch keeps your facemasks clean.

If your teen has to wear face masks to school this face mask holder is ideal, they can change their mask at break and lunch for fresh clean masks. A great back to school sewing project!

Since publishing I have been advised that it may be possible for the infection to be passed from the used pocket to the clean pocket by a fellow sewer. I am not an expert in infection control, however, I have two suggestions, firstly fold the used mask so the outer layer is folded inwards secondly change the interlining to a plastic shower curtain. To keep up to date with the latest advice for the safe use of masks please check the World Health Organization’s website. My understanding is that the wearing of masks is to prevent the wearer from giving the infection to others.

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How to make a face mask holder

This three pocket pouch is perfect for your facemasks and hand sanitizer.

All the measurements are listed in the materials but if you prefer I have created printable pattern pieces for you – download here.

Active Time
2 hours
Total Time
2 hours




If you wish to have a patchwork closure make the patchwork fabric first, I cut two strips of fabric lengthways and one vertically. Press the seams open and topstitch to secure. Cut to pattern size and then apply your interfacing, in one piece.

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