I just got this email from Etsy.
There’s a link on how to make face masks in it:

And this is why I did it.  Literally anyone can do it!  Also, designed in response to using up all the elastic I had on the more traditional pleated fabric design.  Those all went to local elderly healthcare facilities.  Had to come up with a way to keep helping.  When I see the reports of those on the frontlines with sore, bruised and bloody faces, my heart hurts for them.  If this helps in some small way, I am so thankful!  together we will get through this.

@sewnansidesigns and all, Just a point to consider. I know many have different wants and need, but our hospital system here in Central Oregon sent out info on mask making. They asked for an opening at the top of the mask where they can drop in a disposable filter. They are happy to take others that are already made, but would like to see these going forward.

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