Face Mask For Glowing Skin | DIY Face Mask For Instant Glowing Skin | Facemask to reduce acne scars and pimples.

Currently, I have shared some stories on my Instagram. If you are following me on Instagram then you may be knowing that I have shared the before and after results of the face mask.

This facemask helped me to get rid of acne scars and giving glowing skin. 2 months back I moved to a new place and there I was getting skin infections and acne, which I was not able to control using multiple skincare products. So, I consulted my husband (doctor) for acne control. He suggested me a facewash and a cream to apply. The medicine helped me in reducing acne to some extent. But it was not going off completely. Then my mom came up with an idea.

As all Indian moms never stay away from telling you home remedies( gharelu nuske). She told me to start applying the orange mask. It will help you get rid of acne and acne scars. Then I also started using it regularly for a week. And here is the result which made me so happy to share with you guys.

This remedy is totally used by me and I have got an amazing result. So you can completely trust me on this.

Let’s start the process of making the mask.

DIY Face Mask For Instant Glowing Skin :

First and foremost ingredient of this facemasks is orange peel which makes it different from most of the other face masks. Nowadays so many facemasks are available in the market. But they do contain some preservatives. Whereas homemade facemasks are fresh and ready to use masks with no preservatives or chemicals. In the fresh homemade mask, all the active ingredients are present which gives an immediate result to the skin.

How to make orange peel powder for the face mask?

Face Mask For Glowing Skin

Benefits of using Orange Peel:

DIY  Orange Peel Face Mask For Glowing Skin:

Time to make the mask and apply it on the skin (all over the face and the neck area). Now you have made the main ingredient of the mask, ie orange peel powder.

Ingredients required:

Gram flour For Glowing Skin:

Gram flour helps to make the skin more bright and tighter. And its one of the best ingredients in the face masks for glowing skin. as it is used to reduce acne and excess oil from the skin.

Curd For Glowing Skin:

It helps to increase complexion as it contains lactic acid. It works best as a bleaching agent which removes the scars. As curd contains essential fatty acids and vitamin b complex, It helps to reduce pigmentation and give a glowy skin.

Always take the same measurement for a face mask as shared above. Mix all the ingredients in a clean bowl and apply the facemask on the skin for at least 15-20 minutes. Let it dry slightly and but not completely.

Then scrub your face with a splash of water on your face. As scrubbing helps to remove the skin tan and the citric acid present in the orange peel helps to remove it in a better way.

It can also be used on the body to remove tan and also for skin discolorations. As these masks help you get brighter skin.

How Many Times Can You Use The Face Mask For Glowing Skin:

If you are suffering from acne scars and acne, then you can use it daily for best results.

If you just want to use it to make your skin look brighter and whitish, then use it at least thrice a week for best results. As it contains acidic properties, regularly using it makes the skin more sensitive.

People with oily skin should apply it twice a week, to get rid of oiliness and dullness.

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