DIY Face Mask Chain: Easy, Cheap, Quick! – Smart Family Money

DIY Face Mask Chain: Easy, Cheap, Quick! – Smart Family Money

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Are your kids always dropping their face masks on their ground? Are you worry they’re going to lose them at school? This super-easy DIY face mask chain can help your child keep track of their face mask and keep it clean all day!

DIY Face Mask Chain – Awesome Mom Hack!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

To make a DIY face mask chain, you will need:

Step 2: Cut ribbon to 24″

I found that 24 inches was a good length for a face mask chain. Cut the ribbon or string to 24″.

Step 3: Tie or sew the ends of the ribbon

You have two options to attach the ribbon to the safety pins:

Step 4: Wear your DIY face mask chain

I found that it was best to push the safety pins down near the bottom of the face mask straps so they weren’t touching my face.

Step 5: Wash your mask and chain

To wash your face mask and chain:

Yield: 1 chain / lanyard

DIY Face Mask Chain

Total Time 5 minutes




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