DIY Face Mask: A treasure of beauty is hidden in cardamom, just know what is the right way to use it

DIY Face Mask: A treasure of beauty is hidden in cardamom, just know what is the right way to use it

Cardamom has many hidden properties that can overcome many problems related to the face. You can get fair and beautiful skin by using it, know-how

Cardamom queen of spices is also very beneficial for both health and skin. Along with enhancing the taste with its aroma in food, it has many natural qualities, which can overcome many of your problems. It contains vitamins A, B, and C which is used for health as well as skincare. Additionally, the vitamin-C and antioxidant properties present in it help fight infection. These remove the stains and enhance the beauty of the skin.

Many people feel that applying spices in the kitchen to the face is possible to burn the skin, although this is not the case with cardamom. Despite this, if you are going to use a cardamom face mask for the first time, then do a patch test once. If you are not having any kind of problem then you can try this face mask recipe. With its regular use, you will see a difference within a few days.

Cardamom Rose Mask

With this face mask made of rose water and cardamom, you can exfoliate the skin. To make a face mask, take a spoon of cardamom powder and add a few drops of rose water to it. Then mix the plain oatmeal in it. Oatmeal can accumulate on your skin, in such a way, blend it so that it becomes soft. Check the consistency of the face mask and then apply it on your face. Leave this paste on your skin for at least five minutes and then clean it with water. Applying this mask once a week will be beneficial.

Milk cleanser

Cardamom powder can not only exfoliate but can also easily remove blackheads present on the skin. For this, mix one bowl of milk in one teaspoon of cardamom powder. Apply both these mixtures on the face and neck and massage for some time. After the massage, then wash it with lukewarm water. Apply this milk cleanser once a week in the beginning, then increase its duration later. Within a few days, you will see a difference.

Cardamom Honey Face Pack

You can use cardamom in different ways depending on the skin. If you are troubled by stains, then mix honey with cardamom powder and apply it on the face. First, mix the two thoroughly and apply this paste on the acne scars. Apply this paste on pimples and leave it overnight and clean it in the morning with cold water. Cardamom has anti-bacterial properties that help to cleanse your skin. The special thing is that it will keep your skin hydrated.

Cardamom has antiseptic and antibacterial properties and the intake of its seeds causes the body to detox. Also, it cures skin allergies which make the skin healthy. By its use, the toxins present in the body are removed and the skin glows. Apart from this, it is very important to have a good sleep for healthy skin, because sometimes due to good sleep, the skin color also gets lost, so eat cardamom at night or smell its scent. If you want, you can also mix cardamom in milk and drink, it will benefit you a lot.

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