DIY: Face Mask #4 Kids

DIY: Face Mask #4 Kids

Based upon my Wraparound-style masks. Very same 3-layer construction but in a smaller size. This uses a lighter middle layer too, cotton undershirt like Fruit of the Loom. Create your template, cut material, and sew.


  • External Material (Quilting Cotton)
  • Middle Layer (Old Undershirt)
  • Inner Lining (Cotton Muslin)
  • Flexible Hairties (2 2mm-thick Ties) or Elastic Cord (2 10 ″ each)
  • Paper (for developing template)
  • Thread

Produce Template

  • Cut paper 11 ″ x 4.5 ″.
  • Fold in half lengthwise (delegated right), then widthwise (bottom to top).
  • Mark 2 ″ in from top-left corner. Mark 1 ″ down from top-right corner. (ensure folds are oriented to the left and bottom)
  • Draw dotted line from top-left corner to top-right marks.
  • Cut along dotted lines and unfold.
  • Done!

Cut and Stitch

  • Place template on top of materials and trace.
  • Remove template, pin, and cut.
  • Stack Outer Material (RS up), Muslin, Tshirt (WS up) and pin.
  • Stitch leading and bottom edges utilizing a 1/4 ″ joint allowance. (make certain to leave 1/2 ″ from left and ideal sides unsewn!)
  • Cut corners and seams to reduce bulk.
  • Press open joints for the Muslin/Middle layer.
  • Fold in and press unsewn flaps on left and best sides.
  • Turn within out. Press joints.
  • Topstitch along leading and bottom edges. (as near seam as possible)
  • Fold in and sew left and ideal sides. (make sure hair ties are in location)
  • Done! Wash and use!

Finished Size
Width 6.5 ″
Height 2.75 ″

Note on Sizing
Sizing is reliant on kid. The finished size above gives a basic idea but might fit younger or older kids in a different way. To approximate, determine kid’s face from bridge of nose down to bottom of chin. Then determine from ear, across bridge of nose, to other ear. Utilize a ribbon, tape step, yarn, or string. Determine how this will fit. Change by increasing or reducing length of flexible cord. If required, change design template dimensions prior to cutting for a much better fit.

Care Instructions
Wash on Hottest
Dry on Highest Heat Setting
Sanitize by spritzing with water and ironing on Cotton Setting

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