DIY: Face Mask #3 Basic Wide

DIY: Face Mask #3 Basic Wide

This face mask is constructed exactly the same way as my basic face mask tutorial. It’s still a 3-layer mask with simple construction except in a wider style that uses 2 elastic hairties instead of elastic cord! See here for Face Mask Tools and Supplies needed. Make several to have on hand and so they can be changed out and washed often.


  • Outer Fabric (Quilting Cotton)
  • Padding (Old T-shirt)
  • Inner Lining (Cotton Muslin)
  • 2 Elastic Hairties (2mm Thick)
  • Paper (for creating template)
  • Thread

Create Template

  • Cut paper 13″ x 6″. (tape together 2 pieces of paper if not long enough)
  • Fold in half lengthwise. (left to right)
  • Mark 3″ in and 1/2″ down from top-right corner. (make sure fold is oriented to the left)
  • Draw dotted line from top-left corner to top-right marks.
  • Mark 3″ in and 1.25″ up from bottom-right corner. (make sure fold is oriented to the left)
  • Draw dotted line from bottom-left corner to bottom-right marks.
  • Cut along dotted lines and unfold.
  • Done!

Cut and Sew

  • Place template on top of fabrics and trace.
  • Remove template, pin, and cut.
  • Stack Outer Fabric (RS up), Muslin, Tshirt (WS up) and pin.
  • Sew top and bottom edges using a 1/4″ seam allowance. (make sure to leave 1/2″ from left and right sides unsewn!)
  • Trim corners and seams to reduce bulk. (see photos 5 and 6)
  • Press open seams for the Muslin/Tshirt layer. (do the same for the Outer layer if desired)
  • Fold in and press unsewn flaps on left and right sides.
  • Turn inside out. Press seams.
  • Topstitch along top and bottom edges. (as close to seam as possible)
  • Fold in and sew left and right sides. (make sure hair ties are in place)
  • Done! Wash and wear!

Finished Size
Width 10″
Height 4.5″
Fits Adult Faces

Care Instructions
Wash on Hottest
Dry on Highest Heat Setting
Disinfect by spritzing with water and ironing on Cotton Setting

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