There’s a great deal of clashing information out there about using homemade face masks in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

The WHO state there is no proof that a mask can prevent a healthy person from contracting Coronavirus. However, Americans have just recently been encouraged to use a fabric face covering in social scenarios, especially where social distancing is hard to keep.

Research study has actually shown that a homemade mask, though 3 times less effective than a surgical mask, substantially decreases the variety of microorganisms expelled by the wearer. Not a defense against contracting the infection, it can still be practical in preventing it from spreading out, by safeguarding the people around you if you unintentionally cough, sneeze or breathe out droplets bring the infection.

So facemasks are not a replacement for social distancing, however if you’re not able to distance due to the nature of your work or other duties, we figure that it’s much better to use a one than not.

We’ve just recently been making some masks for keyworkers in this circumstance– all from recovered fabrics obviously!

Having attempted out a couple of various designs, this (below) is one of our favourites. It’s washable and recyclable (obvs an essential consideration for us), it’s a great simple shape to sew and it can be stitched with an opening to place a filter for additional protection. You can likewise add a pipe cleaner throughout the nose for a more snug fit.

We’re evaluating filter options at the minute, including hoover bags (revealed here to have 94% purification efficiency) and a/c filters. We’ll let you know how that goes!

Sarah has actually prepared a pattern for the mask which you can download here if you elegant having a go at making some yourself. The pattern is free, but if you want to make a donation, you can do so here.

It includes composed directions, but we might add a video tutorial quickly too– let us understand if you ‘d discover that helpful.

Pleased mask making all!Stay safe

Stitched Up x

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