To assist combat the spread of Covid-19, Tammy Roussell’s sewing-by-touch company, “Mitsy Set,” is making free face masks for the visually impaired and disabled who can not manage them.

Tammy stated, “Our goal is to do good, have faith, and praise God.”

Tammy states the idea for the “Mitsy Package,” came after her mom, Mitsy, started losing her eyesight, and couldn’t enjoy her life-long love of sewing. When Tammy and Mitsy dealt with jobs together, it did much more than provide her mother a creative outlet.

“It brought us more detailed in a sense of sensation like we were, it was like a connection? It’s a connection we didn’t have in the past,” stated Tammy.

That’s because, for many years, their relationship was strained. It intensified when Tammy got pregnant at 15.

Tammy said, “I’ve never felt rejection like the day when I was told by my mom and father that they would not support me unless I got an abortion. And so, I lastly went through with it and was sick, was ravaged and seemed like I had done the worst thing, that God would never ever forgive me.”

Tammy had a child 2 years later on, however she carried that guilt and rejection well into her adult life.

“I believe a lot of it connects to that fear of rejection, worry of failure, feeling like you’re going, you understand, you might disappoint somebody,” explained Tammy.

In her early 30’s, God offered her a brand-new outlook on life.

“As terrible as I felt about what I had actually carried out in my life, that Christ, you know, offered His life,” said Tammy.”And I didn’t deserve it, you know, I didn’t deserve it, however He forgave me. He just raised the problem of regret and discomfort that I had brought with me because, you know, a kid.”

However it wasn’t up until years later that Tammy had the ability to forgive her parents. Already, her father had actually passed, and a hereditary eye disease was robbing her mother of her vision.

Tammy described, “I simply saw the fear and the discomfort that she was going through, understanding that she was going to lose a great deal of independence and didn’t know what to do. Therefore, I began seeing her, I think, through God’s eyes, you know, as His kid, and I began having compassion.”

Tammy looked for different ways to grow closer to her, like quilting. With Mitsy’s vision practically gone, her sewing days were coming to an end, or so it appeared.

“One day, I was just walking through a craft store and God just put in my head, you know, ‘Attempt putting tactile borders on the fabric,'” explained Tammy.”And it was like the most remarkable thing ever, due to the fact that it simply came out of nowhere!”

Using pre-cut materials and ribbons along the borders, Tammy made it possible for her mother to sew, despite the fact that she couldn’t see!

With a big smile, Tammy stated, “The pleasure on her face when she had the ability to sew once again and her persistence, you know, she was constantly telling me, ‘I’m out of work. I run out work.'” After a minor laugh, Tammy continued, “You understand? Due to the fact that she would sew so quickly. Not just did it offer her something meaningful to do, however others saw the value in it. Therefore, I believe she felt others were seeing the value in her.”

Seeing the difference it made in her mother’s life, Tammy launched “Mitsy Set.” 100% of profits are contributed to charity, and it uses the aesthetically impaired.

Tammy stated, “The best thing ever is when they look at you and they tell you, ‘I can’t believe I did it!’ You know? It resembles this fantastic sense of happiness that they have.”

Today, as it assists households link with liked ones, Tammy understands that God is blessing everybody through each job.

Tammy said, “When you look what God permits you to do in collaboration with these individuals and the happiness that you receive from it is simply unexplainable.”

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