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Every set of shoes is an investment – and if you look after your shoes, they’ll look after you! Discover how best to care for your footwear.

Leather Uppers

Leather uppers will take advantage of regular cleaning and safeguarding with our variety of protector sprays and creams. Conditioning your boots with oil and creams will assist the leather withstand splitting, flaking, fading or looking tired.Suede/ Nubuck Uppers As quickly as suede shoes have been brought home, they must be

sprayed with a protector spray that is designed for suede shoes. Purchase a suede brush and routinely brush the dust and particles from shoes. A great practice to have is brushing down suede shoes immediately after they have been worn.Heel Tips Heel tips are a replaceable element which needs to not

be permitted

to wear down. Replace heel ideas on a regular basis to avoid permanent damage to the heels. We do not recommend that you replace plastic heel pointers with metal heel tips as this might change the building and construction of the shoe.Replacing Insoles The insole of a shoe takes a fair bit of abuse, especially in flat and court shoes which are implied to be worn without socks. If replacing the insole is to help eliminate smells, initially examine to see if the insole is worn. If it is not used out, attempt spraying sodium bicarbonate in the bottom of the shoe during the night and then shaking or vacuuming it out in the early morning. Wet Weather Guidance Never dry wet shoes beside a radiator or any other source of heat: you’ll split the leather. Just stuff them with newspaper or boot shapers and allow them to dry out naturally.

If they are covered in

mud, reject when dry and then polish as regular.

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