Fun Print Face Masks for Kids

Who thought I would ever be writing a post about where to buy a face mask for kids! But then again who thought we would ever be in a pandemic crisis like we currently are. If you had told me a year ago I would be looking for a facemark to fit Elian and wearing one to hospital appointments I would have thought you were a little crazy. But with the majority of the world in some level of lockdown, and the likelihood that the UK won’t be returning to our old version of normal any time soon, it seems that wearing face masks when in public may become part of our new normal.

Jon and myself have proper N95 masks with filters, which Jon has been wearing during postoffice and supermarket runs, and I have been wearing for my hospital and antenatal appointments, the only time either of us has been in public places. These masks don’t really fit children though as they aren’t intended for use by kids, but up to this point Elian has been isolated from others so we haven’t found the need for him to wear one. At some point though restrictions are going to start to lift and we will need to find a way to adjust to this new version of normal for a little while.

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NHS Mask Guidelines 

The NHS and Government still stand by the fact face masks aren’t intended to protect you from catching COVID-19, but are intended to protect others from the possibility of you transmitting it to them, through a cough or sneeze. Personally I still feel they help add a little reassurance, and make me feel safer simply by lowering the chance that I could become infected.

Why People Might Be Wearing Facemasks

Seeing people wearing masks can be a little intimidating, but if it helps people feel safer, lowers peoples anxieties and even limits the chance to transmitting a small bit then I am all for it. I doubt the government will make them compulsory, except in medical situations possibly, but I can see them becoming a norm, just as they already are in some asian countries.  

So with the huge increase in demand for face masks in the UK, many home sewers have started to produce masks for family, friends and even key workers in need of them. Lots of online companies, instagram stores and Etsy businesses who previously made other fabric sewn products have started to direct their attention to the growing mask market. So by purchasing a mask from one of them your also helping to keep an independent business up and running and thats always good in my books!  

Children’s Facemasks

Adult masks seem to be fairly easy to come by with even some high street stores stocking them, but kids masks are less common. Plus for us the biggest factor was…our 3 year old didn’t want to wear a mask, and its hard to really explain to him why it may be necessary at some point in the future. It is probably quite scary for them, so finding fun fabric face masks for kids seemed like a good way to get Elian on board with wearing one, should he need to at some point. 

Elian now has a very cool batman fabric mask from What Jade Made and his Aunty Em made him a few Pokemon fabric ones which he actually likes, but we have yet to try actually getting him to wear them outside of the house. 

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