Trenton designer and entrepreneur Andre McNair has actually revealed something distinctively artful, yet useful. From Trenton Municipal Government to the guv’s office to the Taiwanese ambassador, McNair took face masks to an entirely new level with no anticipation of its need and appeal being triggered by the pandemic.

Stephanie Campfield, Store Manager of the Trenton Neighborhood Starbucks (left), Andre McNair of Octobers Vintage (Right)

It all started about two years earlier when McNair traveled to Las Vegas and saw people wearing face masks, not for defense, however as part of a fashion declaration. When returning from Vegas, McNair, who currently had a clothes line, seized the opportunity to develop face masks in Trenton. He thought “here possibly individuals will think that it was type of cool.” So, he began developing the masks and even showed them at a fashion program he was invited to get involved in.

About two years later on, amidst the global pandemic, McNair currently knew how to make masks and promote them also. His sibling, who works as the mayor’s protector, motivated McNair to make a face mask for the mayor. “I said ‘okay I think I’ll make it for him,’ however he most likely will not use it. He’ll probably just toss it in his desk, however at least I’ll know I made it for him,” stated McNair.

Andre NcNair(center) postures with McDonald’s on Hamilton Avenue

Not long after McNair provided the masks to Mayor Gusciora and Mayoral Aide Andrew Bobbit, the mayor asked for 20 face masks for the surrounding mayors in New Jersey including the mayors of Princeton and Lawrenceville along with City of Trenton staffers. It took McNair about 3 days to design the masks to fill these orders and with fantastic excitement, 35 additional masks were requested for a complete list of people including New Jersey Guv Phil Murphy and First Girl Tammy Murphy.

“I believed to myself ‘wow I’m making masks for the guv.’ I didn’t even believe I ‘d be doing something like this,” said McNair. Guv Murphy used one during his COVID Interview where he acknowledged Mayor Gusciora and the Trenton designer (McNair) who made the face mask. About twenty minutes later on, the Mayor called McNair and informed him that the Trentonian was aiming to do a story. Sure enough, as quickly as he hung up the phone, the Trentonian called and ran the piece on May 14th.

After the article, the mayor of Lawrenceville and Hamilton connected to McNair asking for masks for them and all of their council people. The Mayor of Lawrenceville even made an individual check out to McNair’s home to recover his masks. Two months later on, the mayor called to say it’s time to go international and that he required 2 face masks for the Ambassador of Taiwan. After travelling to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York City, McNair took a photo with Ambassador Lily L.W. Hsu and presented her with the masks.

What an amazing ride for Andre McNair, who has actually been making masks for establishments in Trenton like McDonalds, Starbucks and others. Born and raised in Trenton in the North Ward, McNair was groomed by Kevin Wortham from Minding Our Service, who taught him in 7th grade and revealed him the plans to entrepreneurship.

McNair’s clothes business Octobers Vintage can be discovered on Facebook at or on Instagram at

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