Abigail Ratchford Wears A Louis Vuitton Face Mask & Black Bikini Top

Abigail Ratchford Wears A Louis Vuitton Face Mask & Black Bikini Top

Abigail Ratchford wore a black-and-gray checkered Louis Vuitton face mask in her latest Instagram post on Friday, March 13. She paired the haute couture safety equipment with a string bikini top.

The 28-year-old model moved her head up-and-down in the quick video, with just enough movement to get a full scope of the mask, which covered her nose and mouth and wrapped around her ears.

Though the majority of her face was covered by the mask, the “Queen of Curves” still managed to make the video sexy. She stared directly at the camera with a “come hither” look, which made her large, sea-green eyes stand out.

She also shot the clip from the waist-up, showing off her voluptuous cleavage in a skimpy black bikini top. The triangle top just managed to contain her bust. The video flaunted a hint of her midriff.

Her jet-black hair cascaded down her shoulders in waves, tumbling down past her chest.

As for her makeup, Abigail’s brows were filled in and shaped with pencil. Her feathery lashes curled upwards. She wore a light dusting of shadow on her lids.

Compared to her usual look, she wore little eye makeup, choosing just to wear a hint of eyeliner on her lids and in her waterline. Her lower lashes fanned out slightly. She seemed to wear a glint of highlighter on the bridge of her nose.

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Abigail’s 9 million Instagram followers had a lot to say about the short video. If they didn’t comment with strings of emoji, her fans were here with the jokes and the jealousy over her Louis Vuitton mask.

One follower used the coronavirus as a pickup line.

“If the corona virus doesn’t take u out can I?” they wondered.

Others couldn’t resist commenting on the face mask.

“I’m a nurse and I don’t even have a mask that looks that cool,” said one follower.

“Even elegant with a mask,” praised another.

Still, others had different ideas about the mask.

“Ninja assassin,” suggested a fourth user.

At the time of this writing, Abigail’s video has close to 60,000 views and 400 comments and counting.

This is not the first time the model has posted about the coronavirus.

On Thursday, March 12, she shared several videos of herself wearing what appeared to be a pink hazmat suit. She later clarified that it was technically a beekeeper’s suit.

“Quarantined but make it fashunnnn,” she wrote as the caption of one of the video clips.

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