Do you need to make a face mask for your child? Here are five different face mask patterns for kids!

We have written about face masks quite a few times later, but today, I wanted to focus specifically on face masks for kids.

While most kids aren’t going out in public during stay-at-home orders as much as adults, it’s likely they might still need one at one time or another.

As many states start to loosen up guidelines, many people still plan to wear masks in public. Children will be going out more, so having a plan for face protection is a good idea.

We go on walks every day, and there are often a lot of people, so we have had them wearing face masks for a while now.

Their masks are very simple, and I feel like I’ve learned a few things, so I thought I would share the pattern and those tips here.

What age of kids should wear face masks?

Face masks can be worn by children two and up. Children under that age should really not be wearing a face mask. Thankfully, they aren’t probably out in public a ton – and if they are, you can usually keep them covered up.

Face Mask Pattern for Kids

The face mask pattern I am sharing here is the same one that I shared in my original pattern for a simple face mask.

This is basically just a rectangle. There are different masks out there that are a little more complicated and may fit a little more snug, but this have worked out perfectly for my children.

There are two different sizes available in this pattern. The first one is ideal for children about 3-5, and then the second one is ideal for kids probably about 6-10.

Click below to download the PDF.

In this PDF, look for the extra small and small patterns to make the child-sized masks.

We also have a Design Space file for this if you’d rather use that to cut these with your Cricut.

Instead of repeating the same tutorial, please go to this post to follow the instructions (or if you want ties instead of elastic, go to this post).

If you use elastic, here are the lengths I would suggest for the different masks:

Best Material for Kids’ Face Masks

From everything I’ve read, you should ideally be using tightly woven cotton. Some people suggest using a cotton t-shirt as well, so if you have a nice, soft one, that might be a good idea.

The main complaint I get from my kids is that their masks are itchy. I have found that washing them helps to prevent some of the itchiness, so I do recommend washing the fabric before making the masks. This will also help prevent any type of shrinkage.

If your child seems hesitant to wear a mask, you can have them pick out a fun fabric. There are lots of fabrics out there with fun colors and characters from popular shows. Here are a few different cotton fabrics from JOANN that kids would probably love:

Elastic versus Ties

My kids hate the elastic I used for their masks. I think it just feels too tight around their little ears – I used this cording elastic. I think thicker elastic might have been better (it’s easier to sew with, too!).

Because of that, I would actually suggest using bias tape or ribbon. This tutorial I did shows how to use that! You can just tie it around their heads, and I feel like it’s a little more forgiving when It comes to cutting the right length.

However, the elastic will probably be easier to get a secure fit. But if you don’t want them complaining, the ties might be the easiest way to go (especially because it is hard to get elastic now!)

I think the elastic is a lot more likely to snap or break, though, especially the thinner elastic that is trickier to sew into place well.

Nose Wire

In the original tutorial for this, I suggest making a nose wire with a pipe cleaner. I think it does help make it more comfortable. I would make it longer than I did in the original tutorial though. Probably covering about half the top of the mask.

Pin Tucks/Pleats

There are pleats in these masks, which are essential. I sewed them too close together in the first couple that I made, so I would suggest spacing those out.

Other Children’s Face Mask Patterns

Not what you are looking for? Here are some other PDFs and tutorial for child-sized face masks.

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