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Hope whatever is incredible at your end. Today, I am going to share a face mask recipe which is going to provide you velvety soft skin in the winter seasons. Likewise, I have shared some tips from my end to keep you glowing this winter. Don’t forget to read until the end.Ingredients: Oats(1 tablespoon )Almond powder(1 teaspoon)Banana (2 tablespoons
of mashed banana)
Rosewater/Water Approach of Preparation:1. Add oats and almond powder

in a bowl or cup. 2. Mash banana and include. 3. Now add 2 tablespoons of water or rosewater and let the mix sit for 5 minutes

. This will assist to soften the oatmeal. 4. Utilize your hands to make a smooth paste. 5. For extremely dry skin, you can add glycerin or vitamin E oil. How to Utilize: 1. Wash your face and apply this mix on wet face. 2. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. 3. Gently massage your face to enhance blood circulation and offer a soft scrub. 4. Wash off with lukewarm water
. 5. Pat dry. 6.
Follow up with a non-alcohol toner and moisturize.Benefits:

Skin in Winters Swatch”width=420 height=419 > The star ingredient of this pack is the banana. The humble banana can magically treat a lot of skin problems. It is super rich in minerals and vitamins and battles totally free radicals that cause aging. It is a benefit for the dry withered skin as it moisturizes

skin and avoids dryness and wrinkles. It is great for lightening dark spots and raveling skin.Almond powder renews skin. It fights old scars and adds a lit from within healthy brilliance to face. Oatmeal alleviates sensitive skin woes, battles flaky skin and makes skin smooth and perfect. It helps to bind the other active ingredients. Almond powder and oatmeal together make a great scrub which can be used for all skin types. Rosewater makes skin soft and naturally lovely. This pack is particularly targeted at women in their late thirties and above. Dry, flaky skin is a common problem in winter season and this pack not only assists to heal shrivelled flaky skin, it prevents additional skin damage. Mature females will find this very simple to make and a welcome addition to

their skin care regimen to prevent wrinkles and get a velvety soft skin.And now some cool suggestions for the cold months: – Your body may not give signals of thirst, but beverage a minimum of 10-12 glasses of water. This will prevent dehydration and avoid shrivelling of body tissues. – Avoid soap based cleansers and body washes. Ubtans with rosewater and milk, oatmeal and coffee scrubs will clean up and

exfoliate to expose radiant skin. – Apply body

creams or butters right after the shower. Your skin absorbs moisture better when it is damp. – Prevent long hot showers despite the fact that you enjoy them.
Your skin and hair will thank you for sparing them the abuse. – Apply honey on face and hair. This single ingredient pack is an excellent humectant and can immediately add glow and softness to your dull skin and hair. DIY– 3 Components Face Mask for Glowing Skin 12 Finest Homemade Face Masks DIY -Skin Lightening Up Face Mask with Oats & Turmeric Do It Yourself Egg Sheet Mask for Glowing Skin Homemade Triggered Charcoal Face Mask 8 Best Winter Season Fairness Creams in India Winter Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin How to Discover the Right Cleanser for Your Skin Enter Winter Season+ IMBB Recommendations Lakme Skin Gloss Winter Season Intense Moisturizer How to Wear Maxi Dresses in Winter

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