16 DIY Face Mask Chains You Can Make At Home

16 DIY Face Mask Chains You Can Make At Home

This roundup is for DIY face mask chains, made popular by Jlo. So what is a face mask chain? Well, you know how Grandma used to have a cord for her reading glasses so she didn’t lose them? This is the same thing. If you are wondering if face mask chains are just fashion accessories then think again. They actually help in several ways.

Firstly having your mask around your neck with a DIY face mask chain means you NEVER forget to wear your mask. The next important thing is that when your mask is around your neck you are not fumbling for it in your bag, adding more and more hand germs to your mask, the face mask you are about to breathe through. So hygienically a DIY face mask chain helps prevent spreading of germs from your hands. The last but not least, a reason to wear a face mask chain is it allows you another method of being able to personalize your face mask. Which again means not sharing any germs by accidentally using someone’s mask be it a work colleague or a family member.

If you are already into jewellery making then you will most certainly have all the supplies you need to make your own face mask cord, if not then you can purchase this fun kit from .

You can purchase ready made mask chains on Etsy and this is one of my favorites with initial letters.

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