100% Breathable Face Mask – Black

100% Breathable Face Mask – Black

• Shop or Dine Out?
• Ride Public Transportation?
• Fly on an Airplane
• Enter a Government Building?
• Keep Your Job


• Shortness of Breath?
• Anxiety?
• Headaches?
• Claustrophobia?
• Impaired Cognition?
• Refusal of Service?
• Threat of Arrest or Citation for Noncompliance?

We Have Found the Perfect Solution:
• Comfortable Rhinestone Crystal Grid/Mesh

Provides the User with Full Oxygenation and Exhalation
• Great for People Who Choose Not to Wear a Mask But Are Mandated to Wear One Anyway
• People Who Have a Medical Exemption But it is Dishonored
• Reversible
• Easy to Clean

This is not a medical device but will absolutely protect you from the scrutiny of those who demand you wear a mask.

*Personal Item, not eligible for return unless defective


in every way! It’s mesh so you can breathe perfectly. You can wear this
into stores and look compliant so that the store doesn’t get fined for
letting in a mask-free person. And, you can breathe perfectly while
shopping. I’ve seen an increasing number of people wearing the real
obvious mesh masks and it’s a mask so nobody looks twice, but someone
getting real close could tell. But, if you need to breathe and wear mesh
while being less obvious about it, this crystal mesh mask is great. –

So much easier to breathe in it. Had a ton of compliments too. – Jessica

I have really bad anxiety and this mask is 100% breathable. Phew! Thank
goodness someone made this. The inside is smooth and the mask is light
weight. It has little pull straps on the side to adjust the size and
tightness around your ears. I will be buying more of these for friends
and family! – Brian

Best mask to wear when being forced to wear one. I can breathe finally! – David

Walmart, Costco or your local barber making you wear a muzzle? Do you
get dirty looks from sticklers who will wear a mask alone in their car
for absolutely no reason? Are the sheep trying to get to you? Then this
is the mask for YOU. 100% breathable, looks great, and will let you
enter any building. – Jonathan

The perfect middle finger to the establishment. – Stewart

isn’t a mask that will filter anything, much like the surgical masks
which say on the box that they don’t guard against coronavirus. This
mask is breathable, comfortable, and gets me into stores without being
mean mugged. – T. S.

So much easier to breathe in it. Had a ton of compliments too. – L

I LOVE this mask – it meets the requirements to make the Karens happy but I can still breath. – Robyn

was looking for a light weight mask with holes so I could breathe and
not feel claustrophobic when required to wear out in public for
Coronavirus. This mask delivered just that. Its attractive and allows
for good air exchange. And best of all…..no one can tell me it’s not a
face covering even though they might be able to see a small bit of skin
through the mask. Its excellent for those with claustrophobia and/or
anxiety. – Greg

I CAN BREATHE! If you have to wear a mask this
one is the best! The rhinestones make it difficult to tell that it’s
basically fishnet. Not only was I never questioned about it, even on an
airplane, but I received a ton of compliments. – Beverly

this mask! I don’t always wear a mask due to medical issues but
sometimes it’s also not worth the confrontation/argument… so I wear
this and don’t have issues! Easy to breathe in! – Jim

Oh my gosh I
get a million compliments on this mask. I have claustrophobia and face
allergies to everything so wearing a mask has been awful and traumatic
for me. This one easy to breathe and has no fibers that make my face
itch I love it I even went and bought a black one as well. – B.P

is not a medical mask, but it’s just for compliance. I love this Mask
as I get lots of compliments when I’m wearing it… It’s just to wear to
make the fearful people more comfortable when needed. – Charlotte

I love this mask! I can’t wear one due to a medical reason (but
sometimes they’re required) so this allows me to wear a covering but
still be able to breath very comfortably! Highly recommend! Note: this
mask is not for protective purposes as it’s mesh. – Carol

• Shortness of Breath?
• Anxiety?
• Headaches?
• Claustrophobia?
• Impaired Cognition?
• Refusal of Service?
• Threat of Arrest or Citation for Noncompliance?

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